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VI. About


Who is Roman Gal's?

Roman was born in 1959 in Yerevan, Armenia, where his innate artistic talent began to emerge at a young age. After completing high school, training at the Technical Institute of Art in Yerevan, graduating in 1980. His dedication to his craft led him to further his studies at the Unive Moscow, Russia, where he completed his education from 1980 to 1985. Driven by his passion for art and a desire for more significant opportunities, Roman relocated to the United States in 1990. Today, he is the p proprietor of the Roman Gal sculpting studio, with locations in Los Angeles, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Through his mastery of the cr created an array of breathtaking sculptures, many of which adorn prominent venues throughout southern California. Roman’s artistic prowess has garnered recognition at prestigious events such as the LA Mart, New York Art Expo, Beverly Hills Art Show, Bon Butterfields Art Project Los Angeles, and ArtMArt International Art Music Cuisine in Downtown. His journey in the art world began with a Bac from the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts, followed by a Master’s Degree from the University of Art in Moscow. With over 37 years of professional experience, Roman’s portfolio spans the globe, with his creations gracing casinos in Las Vegas, art shows i in Armenia. His work has attracted the attention of celebrity clientele, further cementing his reputation as a master sculptor. Roman remains dedicated to his craft today, continuously exploring new ideas and techniques to captivate audiences and evoke a profound art. Through his studios in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he continues to inspire and enchant with his remarkable creations, ensuring that his le of sculpture endures.

Roman Gal's Most Memorable and High Profile Creations